Mixing It resurrected — for real!

Yes, it’s true! Mixing It is returning! Not to Radio 3, but that’s Radio 3’s loss. Mixing It’s new home is on Resonance FM.

According to Mark Russell himself, posting on the “alternative” Radio 3 message board, the first programme will be broadcast at some point within the next seven days. Then a series will begin later in March. This is fantastic news.

I have to confess that — although I’ve heard so much about it — I’ve never listened to Resonance before. I’ll definitely have to, now that Mark Russell and Robert Sandall are on board.

Apparently this was all thanks to the overwhelming response on the internet about the programme’s demise. And now they are wanting to set up a website and potentially make podcasts as well. It seems as though it may be off national radio, but in one way Mixing It will be bigger than ever before.

The way that such a strong online community formed following the axing of the programme was extraordinary. I think I speak for everyone when I say we will probably all appreciate Mixing It that little bit more from now on.

Update: So Mixing It is confirmed for Wednesday at 2300. It looks like it will be a weekly 60 minute slot for the next wee while. Fantastic stuff.

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  1. I think the point should be made that Resonance FM and the London Musicians Collective are largely dependent on voluntary labour and donations to survive. I would therefore encourage anyone who wants to follow the station to help it survive. Even people outside London, like me, who can get it on the internet.