Blog awards — we need your help

I’m usually not too keen on blog awards. In fact, I despise all of them except for the ones that I’m nominated for. In other words, I despise all of them. But Clairwil has had a brainwave. For the latest blog awards to emerge, the Metro Best of Brit Blog Awards, everybody should nominate Councillor Terry Kelly for the politics category. “Imagine the look on the judges faces!”


  1. That, is evil, and nasty, and wrong. I have therefore shared it with all the evil nasty people on my friends list.

    Is it a judging panel, or is it voted on? If the latter, we could get him to win.

  2. I think it’s part-voting, part-judging. And I think one of the categories (“weird and wonderful”) is 100% voting. Not sure though.