The greatest argument against representative democracy

No, it’s not a five minute chat with an average member of the public. It’s a cursory glance at the blog of your representatives.

Scottish bloggers continue, even after all these weeks, to stare at Councillor Terry Kelly’s blog with astonishment. If anybody wants to know what I mean when I say parts of Scotland are just one massive rotten borough, just take a look at this incredible blog and remember that a plurality of voters actually elected this man.

A genuine example of Cllr Kelly's incisive political commentary Luckily, via Clairwil comes news that he is gaining notoriety beyond Scotland — he has been featured on Labour Watch.

Councillor Kelly’s only support in the blogosphere appears to come from his own daughter, Rayleen Kelly. Ms Kelly’s latest post slams BLOGGING BULLIES. Which is quite funny given that a couple of months back she called Martin Kelly and David Farrer “madmen” under the heading “PEOPLE ARE STRANGE” and implied that they actually needed psychological help (yes, the profession that Ms Kelly deleted was “psychologist”).

As Clairwil has found, Councillor Terry Kelly also likes to imply that people are mentally ill — simply for disagreeing with his viewpoint. It is this pious attitude that really pisses people off about Labour.

The Kelly clan’s blogs give off that familiar air, the claim that Labour is the only party worth supporting — or else you must be some kind of horrific freak (such as a right wing nationalist, a label that Councillor Kelly astonishingly managed to indirectly attatch to me). But they never actually manage to explain why, instead resorting to personal attacks and bullying. This is behaviour which appears to mirror certain real life encounters, oh, and this one as well.

Terry Kelly’s favourite trick seems to be to accuse the SNP of being homophobic — a claim which takes a lot of brass neck for a supporter of a party that put Ruth Kelly in charge of equality. And not very sensible when one of the Scottish blogosphere’s biggest voices is an SNP member who happens to be gay. Oh dear.

It really is time people like this were booted out of office. I’m not referring specifically to the Councillors Kelly. I mean Labour as a whole. As Clairwil says in the comments to her post:

I work in a fairly grim part of Glasgow and a Labour stroghold to boot and I am at a total loss as to what they have done to inspire such loyalty. I look around and see everything at best staying the same and still out they troop and vote Labour. Why?

The stick with Labour no matter what mentality has done nothing but create career opportunties for tenth raters. If I had the time I’d put together a tactical voting site to unseat Labour in the May elections. They really are hopeless.

As Will P says, the STV voting system being used in the upcoming local elections will surely help. As things stand, Councillor Terry Kelly is a walking advertisement against Labour (as if the we really needed another one!) and against the First Past the Post electoral system. If he is still a councillor after the third of May I would actually advocate the scrapping of representative democracy; it would clearly be doing us no good. We’ll have to make sure his blog gets as much publicity as possible before the election to prevent this.

Update: Will P launches Terrywatch!

Update: Clairwil: Terry Watch- A Call To Arms!


  1. “And not very sensible when one of the Scottish blogosphere’s biggest voices is an SNP member who happens to be gay.”

    Given your link in that sentence I will simply say that flattery will get you nowhere!

    I’ve lost my patience with him. The claws are now out.

    Incidentally, the last place to suggest that opponents of the regime were mentally ill was Brezhnev’s USSR. I don’t care if he is a Socialist, surely that’s a comparison he should avoid at all costs?

  2. […] Via Doctor Vee, Will P and Clairwil, not to mention Right for Scotland and Freedom and Whisky, I bring you Councillor Terry Kelly. I have mentioned this chap before, but given that elections loom on the horizon and he could conceivably be re-elected, I’m inclined to help the good people north of the border and highlight just what it is that people get when they put their cross next to the red rose. […]

  3. Hi,

    I am blogging about this person simply because I live in the Renfrewhsire Council area and unlike a lot of you I simply don’t have the option to stand and stare.

    I would probably point out that the Labour Party will never vote against its interests. STV is being rigged to produce the status quo. The areas most likely to vote for a Conservative (in Renfrewhsire it is the Bishopton ward where the Tories have the single seat) are being associated with the worst sink estates. Net result will be to ensure that the percentages across the three constituencies will be roughly the same as the overall council makeup.

    I expect to see no significant shift in the parties at the election. I do however plan to print up cards at my own expense and put them through doors in Terry’s ward highlighting his opinions. Hopefully he will be too much of a liability to keep around.

  4. Hi

    You are correct regarding your comments regarding Councillor Kelly – I would go further and say that he is a thick buffoon who really believes that he is intelligent. Imagine him having the cheek to slag off anyone else especially Councillors Martin and Vassie who he strangely thinks are gaining from standing down rather than the truth which just happens to be the opposite. If the stood again the would win easily because of their popularity (something that Cllr Kelly lacks) and would earn at least three times what they are getting. Mrs Martin was always standing as she has done in the past. Nothing like letting the truth get in the way of a good (ha ha) blog. The same goes for the Standards Commission Hearing that Councillor Kelly refers to – that the Police and Procurator Fiscal say stinks to high heaven – where two people have so far been reported for perjury. Half the Labour Councillors have been reported to the Police for fraud – silence fron Cllr Kelly on this! Yes Labour councils are corrupt unfortunately half the SNP Cllrs in Renfrewshire have been stupid enough to join them at the trough and have been reported to the Police as well – Keep up the good work – Billy