February 2007

Who Scotland?

So as I mentioned in this week’s Scottish Blogging Roundup, a new website has been causing a bit of a stir among certain circles — just not the right ones. YouScotland was launched amid a blaze of publicity. Well, a blaze by the Scottish internet political community’s standards. Apparently the people behind the website appeared […]

No sense of irony

Genuine caller on Radio Five Live this morning, in a discussion about good things that are British: “When you move to other countries you find out that all countries have the same problems, like immigration.”

If I could do impressions

If I could do impressions I would phone up Rory Bremner posing as Kevin Lygo. I would tell him that his programme was being axed, because he is shit, and his programme hasn’t been funny for at least ten years and those John bores are about as entertaining as sitting on a fire.

No Record of a PM distributor

At last! On Friday I saw my first ever copy of the Record PM since the paper became free. Yes, it was a discarded paper left on a train seat. A few weeks ago The Scottish Patient pointed and laughed at the paper’s unpopularity. But I would be interested in taking a look. It is […]

Mixing It resurrected — for real!

Yes, it’s true! Mixing It is returning! Not to Radio 3, but that’s Radio 3’s loss. Mixing It’s new home is on Resonance FM. According to Mark Russell himself, posting on the “alternative” Radio 3 message board, the first programme will be broadcast at some point within the next seven days. Then a series will […]

How UGC on the MSM should and shouldn’t be done

Sorry about the jargonistic TLAs there, but that would have been one mammoth post title unless I used them. I’ve just been watching news coverage of that train derailment in Cumbria. Incidentally, Sky News’ coverage was awful. They had somebody from Virgin Trains on the phone and the questions were unforgivably banal. Presenter: So, can […]

Hang on, didn’t Jamie Stone have a point?

“Xenophobic” is certainly the wrong word. Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners, and I am certain that SNP members as a whole do not hate all foreigners. A more accurate word might be, well, nationalist. Hardly a slur, to some. But as I said a couple of weeks ago, I do find slightly distasteful an […]

Blog awards — we need your help

I’m usually not too keen on blog awards. In fact, I despise all of them except for the ones that I’m nominated for. In other words, I despise all of them. But Clairwil has had a brainwave. For the latest blog awards to emerge, the Metro Best of Brit Blog Awards, everybody should nominate Councillor […]

User generated content doesn’t belong on the mainstream media

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about “citizen journalism” and its relationship with the mainstream media. “User generated content” is very trendy at the moment. I had expected that to happen, but it hasn’t turned out quite the way I expected it. Some people seem dead set on framing the whole issue as some kind […]