January 2007

What else were Channel 4 supposed to do?

What I find most strange about this whole Celebrity Big Brother hoo-ha is the idea that Channel 4 should apologise and the fact that the Carphone Warehouse have felt the need to withdraw their sponsorship of Big Brother. So Carphone Warehouse finds the racism broadcast by Channel 4 deplorable. Presumably Carphone Warehouse want to dissociate […]

Sometimes bad people die as well

Razzamatazz complains that everybody who dies is described in nothing but glowing terms. They are never described as a shithouse (Via Scaryduck). But there is one person whose epitaph is rather disrespectful. Now, who can come up with an acrostic that spells ‘shithouse’?

The most influential bloggers are not the most important

Tim Ireland has written a huge post about Guido Fawkes. If you are interested in political blogging, it is a must-read. I deleted Guido Fawkes from my blogroll a year ago following the Mark Oaten affair, and I stopped reading his blog for good a few months ago. Although I removed him from my blogroll […]

Ferrari’s yukky new livery

Regular readers may have noticed that I haven’t written about Formula 1 for a while. That’s because there is none of it around at the moment! Yes, it is the close season. For the motor racing fan at winter there are three options: Keep yourself occupied with the DVD of last season’s highlights Watch A1 […]

The axing of Quizmania

My views on quiz channels are fairly well documented on this blog. But among the shameless scammers and gormless presenters there was one clear ‘least worst’ phone-in quiz programme — Quizmania. And it’s been axed. The final programme is on tomorrow at 10pm. What does it say that the one quiz programme that seemed to […]

I can listen to Radio Five Live again!

Speaking of Victoria Derbyshire, what a relief it is to have her gone from the morning phone-in on Radio Five Live for the time being. Matthew Bannister is an absolute master compared to the annoying Derbyshire. He should be the permanent presenter, not a stand-in.

Joe Blogs knows nothing. So what?

There was something interesting in that report about Scottish blogging on Radio Scotland from a couple of weeks ago that I never got around to writing about. Tim Montgomerie of 18 Doughty Street and Conservative Home was asked about a concern that some people might have about the blogosphere — that people who don’t actually […]

Free eye tests

These days I keep on getting junk mail from Specsavers trying to get me to arrange a FREE! eye test. Since the eye tests became free at the point of use in Scotland less than a year ago I must have received at least four letters about it, and they are becoming increasingly exasperated by […]

Magnus Magnusson

When I heard that Magnus Magnusson had died I was in the kitchen. I switched on the radio. It was Radio Five Live and they were discussing how much better Magnus Magnusson was at hosting Mastermind than Rubbish John Humphrys. (I didn’t realise at first why they were discussing this; I worked it out later.) […]