Jonny Greenwood and Radio 3

Radio 3’s Late Junction had a Jonny Greenwood special last night (you can listen to it here). I think Jonny Greenwood is probably one of the very best musicians around at the moment. He is currently the BBC’s ‘composer in residence’. He was recently voted composer of the year by Radio 3 listeners. But he’s more famous as the guitarist and experimenter-in-chief in Radiohead. In short, he is amazing. I’ve not listened to all of the Late Junction programme yet (I listened to the first hour or so last night), but it was very interesting and has given me a few ideas for music to investigate in the future.

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  1. […] Mixing It was a unique in that it didn’t see a boundary between pop and classical music as somebody like Friends of Radio 3 or even your average Radio 1 listener would see. The approach of Mixing It has possibly fostered a new culture linking pop and classical music. I recently wrote about how brilliant Jonny Greenwood is. Writing on the Media Guardian website, Ed Baxter of Resonance FM said: Witness the BBC Concert Orchestra’s coy description of its current Composer in Residence, Johnny Greenwood, as “probably better known as the guitarist in the hugely successful band Radiohead”. Probably. And probably too such a collaboration would have been inconceivable without Mixing It connecting savvy classical players and serious young pop stars. […]