1. Nothing to do with her accent or anything. I just think she’s a bit tabloidy in the way she presents the programme. I remember when they tried out a variety of replacements for the slot after Fi Glover left, Victoria Derbyshire was chosen over Matthew Bannister and John Pienaar. Bannister has authority without being po-faced while Pienaar surely has a better grasp of the issues (Derbyshire only really seems interested in football). Given that Derbyshire was the worst of the stand-in presenters, it seemed like Five Live’s attempt to shake off its “Radio Bloke” image.

    I remember one time when some sports person was on the programme, Victoria Derbyshire kept on asking her about her preparations for the 2012 Olympics (!). Time and time again the athlete had to remind Derbyshire of the small matter of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 which were far more important to the sports person than the London 2012 tabloid hype machine.

  2. dont agree, victoria gave an air of reality to issues, sometimes five live thinks its issues are more important than they are. victoria at least gave the air waves some jollity.

  3. Unfortunately, her idea of “some joliity” comes at the expense of the issues. Some people can do conflict well; she is not one of them.

  4. Whilst I enjoy almost all of Victoria’s items – I much prefer Fi Glover’s style and warmth. I know it would be impossible to bring her back onto R5 whilst Victoria is around – but I can still dream

  5. Can we please have the fantastic Fee Glover back she is 20 times better than Victoria Derbyshire and 100 times better than Richard Bacon .When she left your programs went down hill ,Victoria D has a very poor attitude . The best 2 females on at present are Anita A and the young scotish lady at lunch time.

  6. Matthew Bannister should be given the Victoria Derbyshire slot – he always offers pertinent interjections & is objective as presenters should be but always to the point – V D seems at times to laugh at some contributors valid points & always seem to condone drinking

  7. Yes, bring back Matthew Bannister. Get rid of the awful Stephen Nolan and Richard Bacon. Give Phil Williams the 10 pm-1 am slot., seven day a week. Keep the gentle Asmah Mir on the midday news). Don’t know which pair make me laugh more……Nicky Campbell and droll Shelagh Fogarty (who knows how to deflate Nicky when he gets too pompous), or Peter Allen and the great Anita Anand. These four are what make FiveLive so good.

  8. I am 43 and have listened to 5-live since its birth. I have to say Victoria is the most annoying presenter I have heard on any station, period! Her condescending “hums” throughout interviews, her constant forgetting what she is going to say next and stupid statements and questions (check out the Graeme souness and the argument the other morning about a MP’s toilet brush). I use to listen to the Morning show with great interest. I have tried on a number of occasions to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope with time she would have improved. I just wish she would listen back to some of her shows and see how annoying she can be.
    So please please make that change Mr Beeb.