Spoofers can just eff right off

Some absolute arsehole is using spoofing email addresses ending in @doctorvee.co.uk to send out spam emails. I can tell this because I was greeted with seventeen bounced emails in my inbox. Goodness knows how many more were sent out.

I guess I can count myself lucky that this hasn’t happened to me before. But I would just like to point out that I am not responsible for sending the emails. And from now on I will only receive emails that are sent to duncan [at] …, or my Gmail accounts. And those are the only addresses that I’ll send from aswell. All other email sent to other addresses ending in @doctorvee.co.uk will be sent to the interwebs-ether.


  1. I’ve been getting that for years at fuzzyduck, and for the last 6 months or so at taktix, it seems to be just something wot happens when you own a domain. So I’ve switched off all nobody accounts and if it isn’t addressed correctly, then it doesn’t exist.

    Pain in the arse, but there y’go.

  2. Yes, I got loads form postmaster at ellott dot com. As there is no “postmaster” for that domain, I simply set my email filters to blackhole anything from that addy.

  3. Less than 20? Count yourself lucky.

    How long have you had your domain for anyway?

    I get a couple of hundred bounces and spam emails every day for my handful of domains, ageing uni accounts and so on.

    I think spammers should be shot.

  4. I’ve had doctorvee.co.uk for just over two years.

    BTW, I’ve always had plenty of spam; I just wasn’t aware of doctorvee.co.uk email addresses being spoofed before.