2007 is coming

I actually have a new year’s resolution this year. I’m usually not sure about resolutions you know. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had one. The thing is that they are always things that you don’t really have the willpower to do. Otherwise you would just do it anyway, instead of waiting until the new year to do it.

But this year I’ve decided to try and get my sleeping sorted out once and for all. Having problems sleeping scares me a bit. I know that sleep is very important, but I have always been a terrible sleeper. Apparently even when I was very young I used to stay awake until quite late.

Nowadays I find it difficult to fall asleep, which can mean two or three hours just lying in bed listening to the radio. But then when I do fall asleep I’m out for the count. Or when I wake up I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I might not get out of bed until about 2 or 3pm if I can help it. So my days are long and my nights are even longer, and the whole cycle starts a bit later every day. I have been known to go right the way round the clock so that I was back where I started.

And I’m kind of fed up with that sort of thing. I really want to try and improve my sleep. It’s probably not a good thing that my parents got me a coffee maker for my Christmas! But now it is my resolution, and I should really have a good go at sorting it out.

I was thinking of starting a separate blog to track my progress on this. But I’ve gone off the idea a little bit. Any thoughts?


  1. For what it’s worth, I used to have the same problem (and to some extent still do).

    I note from some of your other posts that you’re a fan of Up All Night. A fellow believer! I’ve been listening to the dulcet tones of Rhod Sharp on Up All Night ever since I can remember – certainly during my university days I was probably listening to an hour or two every night minimum before I was able to get to sleep, and would quite frequently listen to the whole thing – a mixture of the serious, the quirky, and the downright fascinating, but never less than compelling.

    It’s a bit like a secret society – no-one I know listens to it, for the obvious reason that they’re all asleep. I shudder to think how many hundreds of hours I’ve listened to, and how many interesting facts, stories and chats with foreign correspondents I’ve heard and forgotten by the next morning.

    And so, often (these days) am I. Again for what it’s worth, I found that when I had to get up every morning to go to work, pretty soon my sleeping problems – well, didn’t exactly vanish, but subsided pretty quickly. I’m just too tired to stay up that late these days, certainly most weeknights. I’m still awful in the mornings, and there are still days when I put on the radio, wait to go to sleep, only to find myself still awake at 3am and eyeing the alarm clock nervously.

    If you only have to get up early on the odd morning – I don’t know what your circumstances are – then it’s maybe a bit different – your sleep pattern of, say, 6am to lunchtime is pretty ingrained, and getting up early for work is just disruptive and makes you feel like shit. But over the course of 5 days a week, 48-odd weeks a year, staying awake into the small hours is just not sustainable – eventually tiredness kicks in and off you go.

    And before you know it, you’re Johnny Punchclock, and you don’t watch films that come on after 11pm because they’ll end too late, and you’ve turned into your grandad and you’re only 25…

    Is that the time? Gosh, better turn in – back to work on Thursday…