Setting the record straight

I have found, via Will P, that Councillor Terry Kelly has responded to the latest post I wrote at Scottish Blogging Roundup. He claims that he tried to leave a comment but couldn’t work out how to. (It’s dead easy by the way, just follow the ‘Comments’ link and type your comment and hit ‘Submit Comment’.) Anyway, he says he hopes for me to “put the record straight” so here we go. I’ll quote his post in full.

The above is a site which comments on other blogs, they seemed in the past to be harmless enough, if a bit pedestrian. Unfortunately I’m writing this on my blog because I’m on my own and have no computer expertise/back up and I couldn’t figure out how to reply to what they have been saying about me. I sometimes check who has visited my site and see what they have been commenting on, mostly it’s predictable right wing/nationalist drivel with a few exceptions, some of the exceptions are in fact right wing, but as yet no nationalists. Anyway I have no problem with that, there is however a pattern emerging which shows a hint of collusion which emerges when several of them accuse me of stifling debate and cutting out comments. I have tried to explain before that I will try to print comments if they are not abusive, in the past couple of weeks I have only removed three of these and printed everything else, no matter how puerile. This site seems to have joined in with these liars and is now, as far as I’m concerned not to be trusted, how easy is it to accuse me of this? they have nationalist stamped all over them, perhaps the site will put the record straight but I won’t hold my breath. I intend to print everything that’s printable. Why wouldn’t I when so much much of it makes my case for me.

Nationalist stamped all over me? Right-wing? What do you think? Has he never read anything I have to say, apart from the bit about him? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

Reckon he’ll be setting the record straight?

NB. I am posting this here because Scottish Blogging Roundup is not the place to be getting into these skirmishes.


  1. You know what’s sad? At a time when we’re considering Tim Reid’s piece on blogs (thanks for the good karma, btw), and showing that despite the tone of the report, there’s cause for optimism where the political blog scene in Scotland is concerned, it’s Terry Kelly that’s got us all revved up with his conspiracy allegations and stretching of the truth into an unrecognisable mess.

    Does he actually think that the SNP and libertarian blogging communities see him as such a threat that we’re all banding together to destroy him?

  2. He does think that we all gather in smoky rooms to plot against him. He doesn’t understand that the only thing linking us together is basic education.

  3. I smiled when I read this on Kelly’s blog. He manages to miss the point on every occasion. I’m not sure that literacy is one of his strengths.

    The original comments on the Scottish Roundup about his blog were factual, reasoned and pragmatic. Still, if he wants to see a conspiracy behind every door and under every bed, who are we to gainsay him? it’s only paranoia if they ain’t out to get you…

  4. …I don’t really see this place as a political blog any more. A couple of years ago I really wanted to be a political blogger. Now I can’t really be bothered…

    Thank goodness for that. Your blog has improved as a result. As for the state of Scottish blogging, what rubbish. A substantial portion of my blogroll is Scottish and I only have top blogs there.

  5. Oh dear. Oh dear indeed. You=nationalist and Right? Yeah, definately. Same applies to Garry. As you say, roll on STV, it’ll sort the deadwood good and proper.

  6. He posted a comment on the SBR site itself as well.

    He claims he’s “just discovered” it (despite the fact that he wrote about it on his blog almost two weeks ago) and says the he has been “excluded” from “my” site (despite the fact that it is a collaborative effort).

    He misses the fact that millions of other blogs are also “excluded” from the SBR because they do not meet its criteria. The criteria are simple.

    1. You have to either be from Scotland or write about Scottish politics — Councillor Terry Kelly passes this one
    2. You have to write well-written, thought-provoking blog posts — Councillor Terry Kelly fails this one

    So there are two options. Councillor Terry Kelly can write some good posts and he will be included in SBR posts that I write. Or I can include him in roundups regardless — but that would completely go against the whole point of the SBR, which is to highlight the best of Scottish political blogging.

    I should also note that these points only apply to the roundups that I write. CuriousHamster will have his own reasons for including people or not, as will the various guest posters we’ll be bringing on board over the coming months.

  7. I’ve also responded and answered his point about my not linking to his site here.

    Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but I didn’t want to turn the SBR into a mudfight.

  8. Thanks Will. That’s why I posted my response here instead of there as well. I guess I shouldn’t have ever mentioned him on the SBR at all for that reason, but it’s too late for that now…

  9. Well, I took your lead on that one – after you kept your response on here rather than the SBR, I thought it’d be a bit naughty of me to start a battle on the Roundup.

    Incidentally, he’s claiming not to have received any abusive comments that needed to be deleted over the last three and a half weeks. Seeing as I sent him a comment about his assertion that the SNP is anti-gay on the 22nd December – less than three and a half weeks ago – he either failed to receive the comment (how convenient!) or his Comment Moderation policy is less clear than he claims.

  10. I’ve left him a nice polite comment. I’m utterly bemused by his belief it’s a right wing nationalist conspiracy. Roll on STV…

  11. Mat, are you sure you posted a comment? I can’t find it on Councillor Kelly’s blog. Surely you weren’t posting views that oppose his foul and abusive comments?!

  12. […] The Kelly clan’s blogs give off that familiar air, the claim that Labour is the only party worth supporting — or else you must be some kind of horrific freak (such as a right wing nationalist, a label that Councillor Kelly astonishingly managed to indirectly attatch to me). But they never actually manage to explain why, instead resorting to personal attacks and bullying. This is behaviour which appears to mirror certain real life encounters, oh, and this one as well. […]