Look what I gave the blog for Christmas

Some new clothes! They still need to be ironed a bit though. I’ll sort out all the little niggles over the coming days. What do you think?

Update: Finally getting round to updating this post, which I meant to do yesterday. It’s crazy. It’s Christmas and I’m still running all over the place with no spare time. I’ll have to do something about that…

Anyway, the original plan for this new look was to use pink, green and yellow because I think those colours all work really well with each other. But I had also decided to have a dark background, because I fall in love with just about every website with a dark background. So that meant that the colours had to be a bit pale in order for the text to be readable.

At first I thought the green looked really rubbish, so I took it out. Then I thought, we’ll I’ve taken the green out so now the yellow looks out of place. So then the whole thing ended up being pink. Reactions (as you can see in the comments to this post) were a bit mixed. But anyway. I’ve taken away the pink header because it was probably a little bit too in-your-face.

Regular readers might remember that this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to use black / dark grey and pink. The previous times I gave up and reverted back to the same old blue. I am totally fed up of the blue now, so I’m determined to keep this dark design now. I thought quite hard about it, and I think (hope) it works. Now I’m pretty happy with the design and I just have some sweeping up to do. When I can be bothered.

BTW, I decided to call the theme Razzmatazz, because that’s the song I was listening to when it came to deciding a name, and I thought it fitted quite well.


  1. I like where your head’s at with this design. Sometimes you just need to go the opposite direction than you current design. I think its cool.

  2. I wasn’t sure at first, I’ve definitely come around to it now though. This yellow background to the comments box contrasts very well with the grey.

  3. I, sort of, like, I think. It’s fairly close to what I want for both v-tx and my new place that I really should be working on. Close, but not quite cigar. I’m likely to adapt andreas04 and make it look like my LJ, which’ll be nice.

    Something is messed up with it though, possibly mybloglog, which I’m beginning to loath; I have to hit ‘stop’ on Fx as it never finishes loading. I know dial up is so 20C, but it’s wot I got…