Music of 2006 — Three sloppy turds

This will be a short post, outlining what I think were the three most disappointing releases of the year.

Prefuse 73 — Security Screenings

At least Surrounded by Silence grew on me. But Security Screenings is far too mundane, and I’ve had almost a full year to let it grow on me.

What I said about it in May

Sigur Rós — Sæglópur

A lot of people feared that Sigur Rós would become bland after they signed to EMI. Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do and (to a certain extent) Takk… proved them wrong. But the Sæglópur EP is embarrassingly insipid. The B-sides are the three most boring Sigur Rós tracks I’ve ever heard. There were so many obvious Sigur Róssian elements. It was almost like a parody of themselves.

Tortoise & Bonnie “Prince” Billy — The Brave and The Bold

What the fuck is this? Two of the biggest names in alternative / experimental music team up to make a most overwhelmingly mundane covers album. My jaw hurts from all the yawning.

These releases deserve no more of my time. Tomorrow will be a more positive post as I bring you eight ace re-releases!

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