Stupid drivers get it up the bum

It’s this sort of behaviour that makes me really hate drivers.

I mean, really. How desperate to save time do you have to be to try this sort of stunt? Would it even save you any time? I bet these drivers have been sitting there for about five minutes waiting for a bus to come along. Sometimes I suspect drivers never have any intention of sticking to the rules. Infact, they get a serious kick out of breaking them. And then abusing the poor traffic wardens who uphold them.

Seeing these bollards heading straight towards the anus of these idiots is very satisfying. Maybe they should put these next to parking meters aswell. That would be brilliant!

Via Boing Boing.


  1. When we were in Milan we saw a car completely impaled on something like that (they have them everywhere – they go up at a certain time to stop parking), which was highly enteraining!

  2. That made me giggle like a 12 year old.

    That said, remember those bollards on the approaches to George St? Remember how everyone except the council thought they were a fucking stupid idea? Do you know why they’re not operating any more?

    A fire engine was on its way to a call, and couldn’t get past them.

    Was anyone sacked? Of course not. Did anyone resign? Of course not.

  3. Every morning I suffer through drivers cutting me up at the roundabout because they are too self centred to queue like reasonable people so this makes me so happy. I just wish they would keep going up after the dimwit has plowed into them.