November 2006

Order. I can’t allow that, that dump wasn’t big enough

It was on the radio when I came in. I just caught the start of it. Michael Martin was telling off David Cameron for asking Tony Blair during PMQs who he thinks should be the next leader of the Labour Party. I didn’t see it on the television, but it certainly sounded very interesting indeed. […]

Robert Henke — Layering Buddha

The world’s fascination with the cult music geek fetish object, the Buddha Machine by FM3, hasn’t quite gone away yet. The cheaply produced, but irresistibly quaint electronic music box is the source of the material used in the new album from Robert Henke (AKA Monolake), Layering Buddha. The concept perhaps seems a bit like Henke […]


I am amused / concerned to see that, as with last year, some girls seem to just be taking the cold weather as a challenge to wear the shortest skirt possible. Now, being of the male disposition, I have never had the pleasure of wearing a skirt because society would deem that to be slightly […]