November 2006

Boring admin alert

Boring admin alert: Stuff I’ve done tonight when I probably should have been revising but I was too tired to: Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5; Re-installed Bad Behaviour; Re-installed Spam Karma. I was getting too many spam comments (approaching 500 per day) for me to moderate, so I’ve decided to go all-out on it. So if […]

Done a queue two

I wrote about the queue I stood in the day before Standinaqueue Day, and I somehow got sidetracked into talking about weirdos in trains. I have only just started on that, stay tuned for another train weirdo post to come one day. But yesterday — the day after Standinaqueue Day — I did manage to […]

Done a queue

I’ve been busy this week, hence the lack of posts. When I said this might happen, William Deed left a comment saying he hoped that I would come back for Standinaqueue Day. I sorely wanted to stand in a queue (or is that standinaqueue?) and send the results to him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the […]


Perhaps against my better judgement, I have signed up to Orkut. There are an awful lot of questions they ask you to answer. I’m not sure that I like it. The design is rank, although thankfully not as bad as MySpace. Oh well. Facebook is still my favourite social network.

The world ended in 1966 for the Daily Express

I mentioned recently that I am a huge fan of the radio programme Up All Night. Every night on the programme a newspaper editor discusses what is going to be in the morning’s edition of his particular newspaper. Most of the editors do just that: explain what is going to be in the morning paper. […]

Not enough time

I’m shocked at how I don’t have any time to do anything these days. Where does all the time go? I had a ‘reading week’ (i.e. half-arsed week off) at uni this week, yet it was still non stop. To see if I can start doing something productive, I’m thinking of perhaps going for a […]

Playdate and Party People: Works of comedy genius

I’ve taken the piss out of the late-night television programmes for losers with not enough sex, ITV Playdate and SmileTV / Party People on this blog. For more on these nocturnal televisual travesties, read phucker’s take on: ITV Playdate; Party People. Because I tend to stay up late and, frankly, I am a loser with […]

Scotland’s national bird

Everybody’s going on about The Scotsman‘s new monthly opinion poll and its results showing the SNP in a good position. This is all very boring. What really attracts my attention about this edition of The Scotsman is the fact that they have got Jack McConnell looking like an ostrich. He looks like he is about […]

FM3 & Dou Wei — Hou Guan Yin

Last year’s release of the Buddha Machine and the subsequent hype surrounding it brought to light the previously almost unheard-of Chinese electronic music scene. If FM3 are anything to go by, it’s surely one that more people need to keep an eye on. Hou Guan Yin demonstrates that FM3 can hold it together without a […]