Look here! It’s a post!

Oh hello, it’s me. Sorry about that silence. I had a scary essay to write, as well as plenty of work. Christmas really is a massive load of shite isn’t it?

Anyway, I don’t think my essay was very good. I stayed up until almost 4am on Sunday night writing the essay. Then once I thought I had finished it, I switched the computer off so that I could get some sleep. I decided to double-check what my word count was supposed to be. And, yes, I got it wrong. Having spent a good amount of time trying to cut my essay down to under 2,000 words, I discovered that it was supposed to be 2,500 words long! So I had to get up early in the morning again to write those extra words.

Then I was too late for the latest train that would get me to Edinburgh so that I could post my essay and arrive at my lecture on time. And my lecture was held on the ninth floor. Obviously, I ran up the stairs. I didn’t take the lift because I like to take the stairs anyway for the exercise. And I tend to avoid lifts anyway for reasons that will be explored in a future post.

Anyway, what a bloody idiot I am for running up the stairs. It felt great when I actually was running up the stairs. “This is no bother,” I thought. In fact, it felt good. Who’d have thought running up to the ninth floor would be such a breeze?

But when I reached the ninth floor I actually felt one step away from death. I tried to calm myself down before entering the classroom, but it felt like a waste of time — especially since I had just run up the stairs to save time. Now that I was surrounded by people I became aware of the fact that I felt just about unable to breathe in and I had lost the ability to speak.

So there you have it. My essay was handed in. It was supposed to be a weight off my shoulders. I was going to relax yesterday evening (even though I had work yet again!). But I was just way too tired. I was all wronged up from that point onwards, to the point that I couldn’t even tell the time (scientific fact). That’s what happens to you when you catch the latest train possible, which is — stupidly — what I always do.

There is so much I could have blogged about over this past week, but I didn’t really have the time to. Hopefully I will have more time to post this week, but don’t hold your breath. I have to exams next week.


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