Over and over

James Higham, in his latest Blogfocus, has written probably the best testimonial this blog has had:

One of the Scotsblog Battalion, Edinburgh Coy, Doctor Vee has one of the best laid out blogs in the sphere and his comments system is so pleasant to use – in fact his whole blog invites you back over and over. I find Doctor Vee at his best when he keeps harping on one issue, also over and over.


I’m glad he finds the blog so easy to use aswell. The design has not been changed in any meaningful way for a long time (by my standards), but that is because I’ve been planning a pretty radical redesign. I’ve not decided what it’s going to be like yet, but I’m leaving those decisions for when I’ve actually got time to spend on it. And who knows when that will be.

But given the good feedback there I might think again about changing the layout. I’m not actually a big fan of the current design, but I recognise that it does all the important things like being functional and clean and all the rest of it. I just don’t think it looks very nice!

Oh well, I know these posts about blogging and the design of it and all the rest of it are awfully boring, so I’ll just stop here and give you a proper post later today. Amazingly, I’ve found myself with a bit of spare time (still lots of work to do, but more free time to do it in). So you have been warned.

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