November 2006

Another reason to be proud to be Scottish!

I was browsing Wikipedia articles about game theory. I learned on the Rock, Paper, Scissors article that there is a Rock, Paper, Scissors world championship — and the world champion is Scottish. How could you possibly not be proud to be Scottish now?!

Look here! It’s a post!

Oh hello, it’s me. Sorry about that silence. I had a scary essay to write, as well as plenty of work. Christmas really is a massive load of shite isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t think my essay was very good. I stayed up until almost 4am on Sunday night writing the essay. Then once I […]

Road users: watch out

I passed my driving test today, so watch out! (Sorry about the brief non-updates, but I’m really snowed under at the moment. Regular blogging will return in a couple of weeks!)

George IV Bridge

Now, not only do I have to avoid the cash machines, bus shelters, scaffolding, slow pedestrians and bicyclists on George IV Bridge. I also have to avoid madmen with traffic cones! Gah!

Student shot by taser gun five times for forgetting his ID

Video direct from the land of the free. Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers Video Shows UCLA Police Using Stun Gun On Student The man’s name is Mostafa Tabatabainejad. It seems as though he objected to an officer manhandling him. This earned him the first shock. When he fell to the ground, he was […]

Are you tired of eating juice that isn’t brown?

Then you need the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer! Phuckd is quite a funny blog. Like me, phucker likes to take the piss out of awful late-night television, except he has a lot more exclamation marks. His latest target is the classic teleshopping presentation for Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. I had never heard of Jack LaLanne […]

No time to stand in a queue

Have I been writing too much about queues? The good folks at Standinaqueue must think I’m encroaching on their territory too much, for which I apologise. But if there were to be a blog that was the opposite of Standinaqueue — a blog dedicated to avoiding queues at all costs — I think they should […]

Over and over

James Higham, in his latest Blogfocus, has written probably the best testimonial this blog has had: One of the Scotsblog Battalion, Edinburgh Coy, Doctor Vee has one of the best laid out blogs in the sphere and his comments system is so pleasant to use – in fact his whole blog invites you back over […]

Stupid Newspaper

I actually burst out laughing while I read this week’s edition of the Student newspaper. It contains a misfiring dig at the Students’ Association-funded rival publication, Hype. Last week, the EUSA controlled publication Hype printed an article which implied a link between the University’s Islamic Society and Palestinian terrorism, based on information on Wikipedia. The […]