October 2006

The legacy of Michael Schumacher

The world of Formula 1 will be waking up to a very different world this morning. Some say that Michael Schumacher is very important to Formula 1, that his success has attracted fans who want to be able to say to their grandchildren that they watched the greatest racing driver of all time. I don’t […]

DK misses the point

I really don’t want this debate between me and DK to go on and on ad infinitum, so I’ll keep this short. DK has responded to my post yesterday. He says I’m missing the point. But I fear it is infact DK who is missing the point. But I’ll go through his points in the […]

Libertarianism again

There have been a couple of long responses to my last post on libertarianism and Ukip. First out of the blocks was Longrider, who takes us away from abstract political ideologies and brings in a bit of pragmatism. Libertarianism in its pure form is anarchy. If you are to have individual freedom, sooner or later […]

Grizzly Bear — Yellow House

I wanted to dislike Grizzly Bear. I’m already enough of a hopeless Warp fanboy as it is. But the band uploaded some free MP3s of some of the tracks from Yellow House. I downloaded ‘On a Neck, On a Spit’ and I thought it was okay; nothing special. A few days later I had this […]

Sorry for the lack of posts recently

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve not been managing my time very well. The end of the week is always very hectic these days. I will get up to speed. I recently spent a few minutes writing down the subjects of everything I’m planning to blog about. There are at least eight posts […]

One creepy customer

I had to deal with a really creepy customer last Friday at work. I am probably in a minority in that I prefer shelf stacking to being on the tills. I never realised how much I hate being on the tills until Sunday because in recent weeks I’ve mostly only been filling shelves. I probably […]

London Sinfonietta — Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters

(NB. You might notice that in the current batch of album reviews I’m writing at the moment, the albums are getting progressively older. Yup, I’m just writing a bunch of reviews that I didn’t have time / energy to write at the time.) At last, a CD of these concerts has been released. Warp Works […]

Ukip libertarian? I think not

One of the most interesting things about libertarians is how quickly their devotion to free markets and capitalism disappear so quickly as soon as it involves those dirty foreigners getting a piece of the action. The Devil’s Kitchen likes to describe himself as a libertarian (as he did in a self-congratulatory post today) and makes […]

Clark — Body Riddle / Throttle Clarence

Warp’s hype machine went into overdrive for the latest release from Chris Clark. This hype included a very odd email that began: I want to write something different to the usual shrill “Buy it it will make you better” fare. Something free of the ‘Stunning! *****’ corporate blandishments that have been born out of the […]


Gah! I’ve just discovered that there is somebody at Labour Home called doctordunc. Needless to say, it isn’t me. 😛