The legacy of Michael Schumacher part 2

F1 Fanatic points out another sign that Michael Schumacher’s long term legacy might not be what his fans are hoping for.

Keith Vaz congratulated Schumacher on his “outstanding career” in an Early Day Motion, to which Conservative MP Bob Spink replied:

I don’t think he should be a role model at all. People diving in football is one thing, but what he did is worse because when he was on the racetrack he would often put other drivers at risk.


  1. “Sometimes you got to be a bit of a bastard to succeed.”

    A sound enough maxim for youngsters to follow. Much better than that patronising ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ nonsense which isn’t true whatsoever, and is just used to make fat kids feel less guilty about being hopeless at something, when really they only got themselves to blame for stuffing sweets and crisps down their throats all the time.

    So Schumacher was ruthless at times. Just proves that if you want to get ahead, it sometimes pays to go that extra mile. It’s how great empires and leaders came to be.

    Bloody MPs sticking their oar in. They should be moaning about things that actually matter to people: like taxes, fuel prices, crime and the rest. Not about great sportspeople.

  2. Sometimes you got to ruthless to be on track! Not all drivers are! Not all drivers are 7 time world champions as well. Ya his tactics may be questioned, but he has done more than one thing right. Do read some of them @ my blog