O MySpace / Why do I have / To be such a / n Idiot?

Facebook / MySpace bumhole alert:

After [Jenny] Thompson created a MySpace page two years ago, she found herself sifting through dozens of requests daily from would-be acquaintances seeking to link to her page. By early this year, she’d amassed 4,000 such “friends,” most of them strangers. Many flooded her page with remarks like “omg” — shorthand for “oh my god” — “you’re so beautiful.” By June, Ms. Thompson, who resides in New London, Conn., was sick of the comments and posted a farewell ode before deleting her page:

“good bye myspace.

I’ve always hated you.

I just never had what it took

to leave”

Ms. Thompson belongs to a fringe of Internet users now renouncing MySpace and other social-networking sites — not in spite of their popularity, but because of it.

Did she not realise that the solution might have been to deny some friend requests instead of just writing a shitty attention-seeking poem? It’s a bit like those people who post dramatic “I’M LEAVING!!!” threads on forums. If you’re leaving, why the jizz are you still posting?

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  1. Is MySpace finally getting the backlash it so rightly deserves?…

    There’s an article on The Wall Street Journal about people leaving MySpace, the ubiquitous site that allows users to create their own little ugly-ass pages. The star of the article is one 20 year old Jenny Thompson, who sounds like……

  2. i see your point about rejecting the friends, a quick scan of the request list, mark all and reject would remedy her problem of “too many friends”. but i don´t agree about her poetry. i have no idea of your situation, but of many others…notably mine…i loved her poetry. it was full of emotions and very graphical, i write poetry myself and enjoyed reading hers. it´s a shame she does not post her poetry for the world to read…if she does…i really want to know where.