October 2006

Why I’m glad to see the back of the tyre war

One of the most common criticisms about Formula 1 is the fact that often it is just the driver of the best car who wins. They’re only half right. The reality is far worse than that. Not only did last week see the exit of Michael Schumacher from Formula 1, but it also saw the […]

Take that, facial hair fascists: A squirrel will be on my face

Sorry I haven’t been writing so many posts recently. It really has been non stop over these past four or five weeks. And now that I’ve got a chance to relax I’m just relaxing. I’m a little bit worried about what my colleagues at work might think about me. Since I started working I’ve noticed […]

The legacy of Michael Schumacher part 2

F1 Fanatic points out another sign that Michael Schumacher’s long term legacy might not be what his fans are hoping for. Keith Vaz congratulated Schumacher on his “outstanding career” in an Early Day Motion, to which Conservative MP Bob Spink replied: I don’t think he should be a role model at all. People diving in […]

Pulp — The Peel Sessions

For a band that’s been on ‘hiatus’ for the past five years, there has been a remarkable amount of activity on the Pulp front. Jarvis Cocker’s solo album is due to be released very soon. Pulp’s three most popular albums — His ’n’ Hers, Different Class and This is Hardcore — have recently been re-released, […]

O MySpace / Why do I have / To be such a / n Idiot?

Facebook / MySpace bumhole alert: After [Jenny] Thompson created a MySpace page two years ago, she found herself sifting through dozens of requests daily from would-be acquaintances seeking to link to her page. By early this year, she’d amassed 4,000 such “friends,” most of them strangers. Many flooded her page with remarks like “omg” — […]

Middle click

The Firefox 2 feature that seems to have got people most excited is the fact that each individual tab now has its own X button. But come on. Why did you even use the X button anyway. Did you not realise that middle clicking on a tab closes it? Infact, middle clicking is probably one […]

2006 Formula 1 season review

Here is how I voted in the F1 Racing magazine awards. Pit crew of the year: Ferrari Most improved team of the year: BMW Sauber — Undoubtedly the surprise package of the year. In some races — notably at Monza — this was probably the second fastest car! Team principal of the year: Flavio Briatore […]

The new definition of libertarianism: May I see your documents please?

On the surface it looks like David Farrer has found an instance where increasing immigration controls is compatible with a libertarian outlook. David Farrer quotes Murray Rothbard: …[O]n rethinking immigration on the basis of the anarcho-capitalist model, it became clear to me that a totally privatized country would not have “open borders” at all. If […]

Celebrations are banned notes that Massa broke a rule at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix. I thought this as soon as I saw him being handed the flag. That’s right. A driver waving a flag to celebrate at the end of the race is against the rules. The ridiculous rule was either brought in after […]