September 2006

You Can Tube

There is much more in the way of Can videos on YouTube than the last time I looked. Here, for instance, is a cool live performance of Halleluwah, and here is a video for Mushroom. Update: Oh Yeah video (clearly made in the 1980s or 1990s); Vitamin C (live).

Scottish Tories: taller, darker and with a limp

This is slightly old news, but I never spotted it until now. You know the Conservative Party’s new logo? Yeah, that ridiculous tree of scribble? Well the Scottish Conservatives have their own version of the logo. It’s not new for the Scottish Tories to adopt a different logo to the national party’s. But the thing […]

Broadcasters should now be biased if they want to be

The media is changing very quickly, and there are a lot of difficult issues that have to be sorted out. With the massive (and still growing, maybe even still accellerating) success of blogging, podcasting and vlogging, the boundaries between the mainstream media and the pamphleteers are becoming ever-more blurred. This week Michael Grade wondered about […]

Weather and walking

Wow, it’s all been even more hectic than I had expected. I’ve got lots that I could write about, but I don’t really have the energy, so I’m reduced to writing a banal post about the weather and my feet. You have been warned. Firstly, the wind yesterday was fantastic! I was eating my lunch […]

Foxy Sky has had a redesign. I assume the channel itself has had a makeover aswell, but I haven’t got Sky Digital so I don’t know. But what I find interesting is that the new looks seems to be very similar in style to Sky News. Is the next step for Sky News to go more […]

Richard Hammond

When Steve Irwin died, I wasn’t very upset about it. I was surprised at the almost Diana-esque overblown outpouring of grief. It seemed as though he had transformed from being an annoying crocodile botherer into one of the world’s greatest animal lovers overnight, just by dying. I’m not even a particularly big fan of Top […]

Back to uni

Well, University starts tomorrow. The last day of freedom. This doesn’t actually feel like as big a thing as it did the previous two years. I guess that’s because I’ve actually had a hectic eight days, so it’s not as if I had much freedom in the first place. Unwisely, I popped in to work […]

Urinal etiquette

There is a highly amusing video doing the rounds at the moment. It explains public toilet etiquette, which is one of the most important things for a male to understand. This also reminds me of The Urinal Game — although it’s clearly not a game; it’s an issue of immense importance. Apparently women’s public toilets […]

DRM arguments

Murky has written about DRM, and the fact that owners of MP3 players don’t buy many digital downloads, but are very likely to buy more CDs than somebody who doesn’t own an MP3 player. Superficially, this “blows the pro-DRM arguments for music out of the water.” But it isn’t even as simple as this. Perhaps […]