Scottish Tories: taller, darker and with a limp

This is slightly old news, but I never spotted it until now. You know the Conservative Party’s new logo? Yeah, that ridiculous tree of scribble?

Well the Scottish Conservatives have their own version of the logo. It’s not new for the Scottish Tories to adopt a different logo to the national party’s. But the thing is, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they weren’t standing next to each other. Essentially they are the same logo, just drawn slightly differently.

Conservatives' logos The Scottish tree is the one on the left. The Scottish tree is taller, and it is a darker shade of green. It, um, apparently also leans less to the right.

An SNP spokesman said: “Scottish voters won’t be fooled by a slightly less right leaning tree.”

Not that I would have been able to tell if I hadn’t already known.


  1. That’s what I’m wondering. The Scottish Tories have always had a separate logo from the UK party. At least they have in my lifetime. I don’t know why that is. Maybe to show that they aren’t from England or something.

    But in the past it was a kind of distorted lion rampant, which at least kind of makes sense. This new tree isn’t even sufficiently different from the UK tree to merit being its own logo.

  2. Mat, here is an interesting article on the Unionist Party. I didn’t know any of this! Now I feel a bit stupid. That explains why the Tories are called ‘The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party’ north of the border. I thought that was just to emphasise an anti-independence policy.

    I guess it’s ironic that the ‘unionist’ party had its own separate party for Scotland.

    This probably explains the need for the Scottish party to have a separate logo.