Weather and walking

Wow, it’s all been even more hectic than I had expected. I’ve got lots that I could write about, but I don’t really have the energy, so I’m reduced to writing a banal post about the weather and my feet. You have been warned.

Firstly, the wind yesterday was fantastic! I was eating my lunch in the Meadows at the time. I love a good wind. It can be off-putting, but it’s good fun. Not very easy to eat your lunch in though. I couldn’t believe how strong the wind was. It blew my (rather heavy) bag around! Apparently the wind was just as good in Kirkcaldy, but my brother says that there was no wind in Dundee. Yet another reason to avoid Dundee. 😛

Couldn’t believe how hot it was today. I thought summer was over and that it would be safe to wear a black t-shirt again. Unfortunately not. It was absolutely horrendous. I’ve had a headache all day and the excessive heat hasn’t helped it.

I think I maybe walk too quickly. Particularly with my right leg. I don’t understand why my right foot would be walking faster than my left foot, but all of the evidence points to it. Or at least I lean harder on my right leg or something. My right shoe usually gets worn down more quickly, and my right foot is beginning to hurt. There’ll be a blister soon enough. The same happened last year when I started university again. Now my right thigh is getting sore aswell.

Maybe I do walk too quickly. I definitely walk faster than most people because I find myself barging my way past everybody in the street. This is especially problematic because of the road works which have turned the High Street into a narrow maze. Lovely to see that Hibs fans still manage find the space to spit on the Heart of Midlothian though.

Anyway, I don’t really see the point in walking slowly. Even if I know it will save my leg, it feels like such a waste of time. I absolutely hate it when I’m stuck behind a slowcoach on the pavement. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t because if I barge past them then that would be rude, but if I slow right down it’ll seem like I’m listening in to their conversation. Not that I ever do such a thing, of course.

Besides, my doctor told me that walking quickly is one of the best things I can do exercise-wise. Might as well keep fit while I’m making laborious journeys, eh? While we’re on laborious journeys, walking quickly also means that I can catch a later train into Edinburgh and an earlier train back to Kirkcaldy — an important psychological goal. If you’re having a bad day, missing the train can be one of those moments that turns you from being mildly annoyed into obsessively listing everything that’s gone wrong with the day.

Today, despite the still-lingering cough, the tiredness, the headache and the horrible weather, I caught the 17:10 Dyce train — a real bonus, because you don’t really get a faster train than that.


  1. I wear down my right sole quicker than my left as well. I’ve always assumed that because I am right-handed, I would tend have slightly larger muscles on my right, and therefore weigh more on that side of my body. Or there could be a more rational explanation!?

  2. Hey Duncan,

    I just typed in ‘bbc weather kirkcaldy’ into google and your blog came up 2nd in the results hehe. So I just thought I’d comment and say hi 🙂 Hope you’re doing good, I’ll probably see you sometime soon considering I’ll soon have the joys of travelling to edinburgh for uni too x

  3. Hey Donna! Thanks for leaving a comment! Most people don’t, and they just randomly tell me about three months later that they found my blog. That always freaks me out a bit. 😕

    So what’s going on with the Edinburgh thing? I thought you went to Aberdeen?!

  4. I thought it’d be a bit rude to find your blog and not even leave a comment 🙂 I’ve dropped out from Aberdeen, as I really wasn’t enjoying it. I applied to Napier to do Animal Biology and got accepted into 2nd yr so I matriculate on Friday and start the following Monday. Hopefully I should enjoy it, though I don’t think I’ll enjoy the travelling back and forward so much =p x

  5. If you’re going to Napier I imagine it’s a train + bus job is it? If you’re taking the train, I’ll probably see you sometime then! Don’t worry too much about the travelling. It’s a bit of a pain sometimes, but I’ve got used to it.

    The only really bad aspect of it is having to get up that bit earlier. Oh, and having something like what happened to me today, when I had to take the last peak-time train. Ten minutes earlier is more than twice as expensive!