Back to uni

Well, University starts tomorrow. The last day of freedom. This doesn’t actually feel like as big a thing as it did the previous two years. I guess that’s because I’ve actually had a hectic eight days, so it’s not as if I had much freedom in the first place.

Unwisely, I popped in to work to let them know that I couldn’t work on Thursday because I won’t even get back in Kirkcaldy until about 6 o’clock if I’m lucky. I ended up actually working today when I wasn’t originally going to. I helped along because the stationery department is being moved to make way for toys, which apparently takes up about half of the store in the run up to Christmas.

Because of the sudden blurt of activity, I didn’t manage to do all of the really important stuff I wanted to do before starting uni. I just about have enough pens, and I’ve found some paper and cleared out my folders. But I never got round to doing the really important things like sprucing my social network profiles up. The LiveJournal one in particular is a bit of a mess.

Tomorrow I will be lucky enough to experience going to work straight from uni. I will leave the house at about 10:30, and I won’t be back until after 9pm. Worse things happen at sea, but I’m just wondering where the hell I’m going to get something to eat in Kirkcaldy town centre. I’m thinking Tesco sandwiches at the moment. Gah.

When I first realised how close uni was I was quite scared. Now I’m a little bit excited, in that way you get a little bit excited by new things. I am quite worried that it’s going to be hard work because I’m in 3rd year now, which is proper learning and work and stuff, so I hear. And in the previous two years I didn’t have a job. Oh, and I’ve also got to start thinking about what the hell I actually want to do with myself once uni is finished. This will probably mean going to shit careers events all the time.

Maybe all of this action will make me a better person and whatnot. Hopefully I will be able to do some reading on the train. I always say this, but I never manage it. I usually just zone out, listen to podcasts, gormlessly gape out of the window (as if the scenery will ever change!), or all three at once. Occasionally, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a bit of the way through the ‘Europe’ section of The Economist.

Of course, I’ll still have plenty of time to blog. 😀 I think. 😕

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