Is this the end?

The future of one man is on everybody’s lips at the moment.

He’s spent about a decade fighting for the red corner, having rose to prominence in the 1990s having almost single-handedly rescued his side after almost twenty years of obscurity. At points the opposition was left helplessly far behind. He’s broken a few records along the way aswell.

He didn’t do this alone though. Some say he only kept his position because he continually forced his colleague to play second fiddle. And people worked behind the scenes building a well oiled machine to make him look good.

There’s been the odd spin here and there. And he’s also made a few controversial moves along the way, making him unpopular with many. Facing a humiliating rebellion and a resurgent blue side, people are asking: is this the end?

The future of Michael Schumacher will be announced this weekend.

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  1. We shall see.
    Lots of of people over here are hoping that he continues, lots of people do not. However, without him racing will no longer be such interesting. I think it depends if he wins the championship or not. If he wins, he retires. If he does not win…. lets see 😉
    Have a nice weekend,
    Mike from Hamburg