September 2006

Email problems?

Email problems: I suspect that I’m not receiving any emails. I’ve even sent myself emails and they haven’t arrived. So if you’ve sent me an email in the past 24 hours, I haven’t received it. For the time being, send your email to s0452402 [at] Thanks.

Google Reader’s killer feature

I’ve been a big user of Bloglines ever since I started properly using RSS feeds. I’ve not wanted to use Google Reader before — it was clunky, fugly, slow and just really shit. But Google Reader has been given more than a spring clean this week, and it feels a whole lot smarter. But Bloglines […]

(Re)Introducing the Scottish Blogging Roundup

That’s right. I, along with CuriousHamster, am starting a roundup of Scottish political blogs. It might sound a little bit passe, but this isn’t just bandwagon-hopping. There are several reasons why I think it’s time to start a roundup of Scottish blogs. I was struck by a recent article written by Iain Macwhirter, The Scottish […]

Why do tartans need to be official?

I just saw on Reporting Scotland that Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor is proposing the creation of an official database of tartans. Why do we need a register of official tartans? I think if this comes about we should all adopt our own unofficial tartan in protest. Update: The first comment on the Edinburgh Evening News […]

Facebook fuss part umpteen: students are dum-dums

The latest round of Facebook numbskullery comes from none other than Edinburgh’s Student newspaper. Now, a few people have tried to persuade me to write for it, what with me having this blog and being a student at Edinburgh University and all. But it isn’t something that I could be proud of. Reading the Student […]

BBC One’s sharp new look

Regular readers will know that I’m interested in television presentation. People like me make the world go round, etc etc. Anyway, today the BBC unveiled the new idents for BBC One which will be launched on screen next Saturday. Idents are neglected. Most people don’t pay much attention to them. But over the next few […]

Not the best example there

Here is Jeremy Clarkson trying to persuade everybody why Top Gear shouldn’t be banned: “Contrary to reports that he was put there [in the dragster] by ratings-hungry producers, it was his idea. He wanted to know what it would be like to go really fast … He needs that thrill as passionately as a heroin […]

Reading fewer blogs to read more blogs

I’ve decided that I no longer have enough time to read as many blogs as I did. Although having said that, although I felt snowed under during the week, I’ve found myself with way more spare time at the weekend than I expected. Anyway, my Bloglines account had almost 300 subscriptions in it. I’ve followed […]

Saving the planet in the hardest way possible

Wow. This weekend I was going to write about the fact that aeroplanes only make up a tiny proportion of CO2 emissions. But I had to give it up after I couldn’t find the actual figures. I was sure I’d read it in a recent issue of The Economist or something, but I couldn’t find […]