Just been playing with the new geotagging feature in Flickr. It’s good fun, but the poor quality of the maps really let it down. It’s impossible to accurately pinpoint where anything actually is, particularly since roads are most straight lines and railways often wander out into the sea.

Place names are pretty bad aswell: Burntisland is named correctly, but it is next to a non-existant town called Birntisland! Kirkcaldy isn’t named at all, and Dunkeld and Birnam have merged to become Dunkeld-Birnam. It’s just as well this tool exists then!

Update: I’ve found Kirkcaldy on Yahoo!’s map — in completely the wrong place.

Where Yahoo thinks Kirkcaldy is


  1. For those who are interested in areas not well covered by Yahoo Maps, like U.K. Panoramio may be an alternative.

    In Panoramio you can locate your photos via drag and drop interface using Google Maps. You also can watch the photos in Google Earth through KML feed.