Welcome to all my manky new visitors!

Sorry I didn’t post much during the weekend, but I was worried that I was going to run out of bandwidth, so I was doing my own little part to limit the damage. I was probably going to run out of bandwidth for this month anyway, but I waited until the end of the bank holiday before deciding to upgrade. And then this happened.

Spike in visitors

I didn’t even say anything about Imogen’s mucky video. I haven’t watched it, honest guv! It was that pesky commenter!

Interesting that the latest news about the video has meant much more people searching for information on it, making the previous spike look utterly insignificant.

Normal service will resume as soon as I can be bothered!

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  1. The same thing happened to my site stats when I posted an article called “My Naked Chicks” (it was actually about the House of Lords :D)