Turkish GP: Sorry for the delay

I’m ashamed to say that I slept through most of today’s race. I don’t know what’s happening to me at the moment, but I have been very tired all weekend, and I haven’t even had a chance to get much sleep. I slept through qualifying aswell, although that usually happens.

I was okay before the race started, but just after Räikkönen’s crash I started to drift off. I woke up whenever something happened — I saw glimpses of Liuzzi and Yamamoto beached. But I found it so uncomfortable to watch, I had to close my eyes and go to sleep. I woke up with about fifteen laps to go, in time to see the incredible battle between Alonso and Schumacher.

I say I slept through the race and qualifying, although I caught snatches of it whenever I was able to wake up. Apparently the qualifying session was a thriller — the third ‘thriller’ in a row that I’ve missed aswell!

I know I am in a minority here, but I personally preferred the one lap qualifying system. It was exciting to see how a driver would cope under the full glare of the spotlight, with just one chance to set a time. Montoya stuffing it into the wall at the very last corner at last year’s qualifying session at Hockenheim is one of the most memorable moments from qualifying I have ever seen.

With the free-for-all system there are precious few memorable moments. Do you know why? Because nobody sees any actual driving. I heard that by the end of qualifying yesterday the director just stayed on the pit straight basically watching the cars go past as driver after driver crossed the line to set a time. This is pointless. You don’t see any actual driving here — and I watch Formula 1 because I want to see driving. If I just wanted to see a bunch of times scrolling across the screen, I would just visit Formula 1.com’s Live Timing section.

As I say though, I’ll have to watch the highlights programme before I write more about today’s race.


  1. Your going to have to find a replay because that was one of the most exciting races this year (includung Hungary). That track with it’s wide corners & run off areas makes for plenty of overtaking.

  2. […] I’ve finally got round to writing a proper review of the Turkish Grand Prix. In the end, it turned out that I didn’t actually miss all that much of it (if the highlights programme was anything to go by), although there were a couple of bits that I missed. I think I was mostly just confused by James Allen saying, “It’s been a cracker of race,” and I just woke up thinking, “I missed it all!” But I didn’t. […]