Non Maxine Carrs

Chris Applegate points out a Maxine Carr “look-alike” in Northern Ireland, noting that she looks nothing like Maxine Carr.

This is definitely not the first time this has happened. The one I remembered was some poor woman from East Kilbride who looked even less like Maxine Carr. This Times article doesn’t have a photograph, but I remember seeing this in Reporting Scotland. It was just one of those moments where you lose all faith in the human race, right up there with “kill paedophils” [sic] / paediatricians lynch mobs.

Two instances of this would be bad enough, but while I was searching the internet to make sure that I didn’t just dream of that East Kilbride one, I found three others! Why is that then? Another one notch to mark under ‘tabloids + people = stupid”.

This article asks why people come down so hard on Maxine Carr (and non-Maxine Carrs as it happens) when she was “jailed for conspiring to pervert the course of justice with her ex-fiancé, Soham killer Ian Huntley – an offence far more minor than the killings themselves.”


  1. There have also been a a few ‘sightings’ of the Jamie Bulger killers recently, I recall one recently in Northern Ireland and there was a story that one of them, I forget which, had comitted another offence in Australia. Still exporting convicts there are we?

  2. No offence to the residents of Derry or East Kilbride, but they hardly fit the profile of a witness relocation spot. Sending her to either would be like being punished twice for the same crime.

    I reckon she’s on the English rivera: Torquay perhaps, running a small caff that takes Luncheon Vouchers.

  3. Why is evertone so bothered about the whereabouts of Maxine Carr? She didnt kill the 2 little girls, But the sick monster that did is in jail.
    What is to be gained from tracking her down?