20 or 30?

Ryan has a query about 20mph zones. Apparently “the use of 20mph repeater signs within the area is not allowed under the signing regulations.” What is that all about?

I’m taking driving lessons at the moment, and one of my biggest problems is working out whether the speed limit is 20mph or 30mph. Even if you can’t see any signs you can usually tell if the limit is 30mph by the fact that it is a built-up area.

But 20mph zones? The only clue I have is that it is always a 20mph limit around schools — but apparently this is a Fife thing and not necessarily across the whole country. And that information is useless if you don’t know there’s a school in the area. Another clue should be the presence of lots of speed bumps, but there is at least one 30mph zone in Kirkcaldy with plenty of speed bumps and chicanes.

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