Time Wipe

I seem to be having trouble posting a comment on Will’s blog, so I’ll say my bit here. He gives us advance warning that this week’s edition of Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe is a 50 minute long US edition, which means that it clashes with Time Trumpet! I wouldn’t have realised that!

Did they mention it at the end of last week’s Screen Wipe? I didn’t notice it. It’s pretty poor scheduling aswell. Surely there will be a lot of people who want to watch both Time Trumpet and Screen Wipe. I guess I’ll be watching the repeat of Screen Wipe then.

Update: Here is some related advice from Harry Hutton. Hear hear!


  1. I think it was to do with coComment (which I’ve started using again). The ‘Submit’ button simply wasn’t working. I should have just turned coComment off for that page; that would have been the clever thing to do.

  2. I spotted this in the TV guide (paper version, I don’t get on with DigiGuide) on Saturday, it does seem somewhat harebrained. As you suggest, and as both our situations highlight – the audience of Time Trumpet is highly likely to be the same audience that watch Screenwipe. I’ll be joining you in watching the repeat then.

  3. Yeah, I had always assumed that they deliberately scheduled those programmes next to each other for that reason. Time Trumpet finishes very close to 10:30 for my liking — I was a bit worried that I was missing the start of Screen Wipe. But Screen Wipe (usually) starts a bit after 10:30. I thought that was intentional, so that people flicking over from BBC Two wouldn’t miss it.

    I heard a few years ago that the BBC was considering employing people whose job it was to make sure that clashes like this didn’t take place. I assume they decided against it in the end. No doubt it would be criticised for being too typically bureaucratic-Beeb, but if it could avoid howlers like the Time Trumpet / Screen Wipe clash it surely would be a good thing.