Hi, I can’t think of anything interesting to write, so you’re getting a load of boring navel-gazing crap about my blog.

Recently, during all my template tweaking (which is still going on by the way, but I’m hoping to get it ‘finished’ tonight, including testing in Internet Exploder!), I decided to have a look at an archive heatmap / tag cloud to see if it would work. “What is that,” you ask? Look in the sidebar, I’ve got one for categories there right now. The archive one basically did that, except dividing the posts into months instead of categories.

Anyway, it completely didn’t work, because it just looked like a really messy ‘archive’ list. If you want to explore my posts month-by-month, your first port of call is the archives and stats page.

But there was also something else about that heatmap that gave me the creeps. Take a look at it:

Archive heatmap Do you notice that? The number of posts per month has plummeted. June 2006 was so inconsequential that it is invisible!

The main cause of this is the fact that I have been using a linklog regularly since February. posts obviously don’t count as posts to this blog, and February is the point at the amount of posts I write started to go down. Take a trip back to a year ago and many of my posts will be ‘asides’, the sort of thing that gets shoved into my linklog these days. (To add to the confusion, I now use both asides and the linklog.)

That brings me on to the things that made me reluctant about linklogs. Sometimes I fear that stuff in there gets a little bit ignored. The main problem is that they don’t get comments. Then again, I usually don’t really add anything substantial to them apart from a little sarcastic line, so a comments function on the linklog would probably be useless anyway.

So in a way it’s probably good that I don’t stick them all in as main posts or asides. Quality over quantity.

Now for some even more boring stuff. I’ve got rid of the Kramer plugin which automatically makes Technorati inbound links become pingbacks on this blog. Smart, but the problem is that it messes around with the “x Comments” text because for some reason it never counts properly. Also, sometimes some really old links appear. And now that I have the most recent comment appearing at the top of the front page, it is a little bit weird to see other people’s posts from February in there.

In other news, I discovered that there is a squatter sitting on a website that has a very similar address to this one but with “.com” on the end. I only discovered after I was sent an email asking me if my email address was (no it isn’t). I think I’ve definitely made it now.

Continuing on the completely random dump of slightly blog-related topics, kj has some thoughts about his blog and blogging.


  1. Ah the tag cloud thing can be pretty good but i’ve got to tweak mine so that the number of tags shown is a lot less than what is currently displayed, it looks a little untidy but I think with some nice formatting like what is in your box it’d look good. They are pretty handy ways of navigating archives and can look quite good. I’m using the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin which allows you to set tags and also can be setup to show related posts which is awesome. I’ve yet to implement that feature.

    Squaters do my nut in. My other website’s .com version is taken by a links portal despite me trying to buy it before they did. I don’t know how they managed to take it from under my nose.

  2. Ah, I knew there was something else I meant to say! I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior for the ‘Related posts’ feature (in the sidebar on post pages). The problem is, I can’t seem to set a limit on the number of ‘related’ posts that are shown. I’d like it just to display the 10 or 20 most closely related posts, but for some posts it displays a lot more than that!

  3. It could be a case of hardcoding the loop in the UTW code to do it if it won’t stick to the limit you give it.

  4. i’m trying to limit the number of related posts also and when I was near the end of the comments I almost thought you’d have the answer, can you please share how you did it?