They don’t call it Formula One for nothing

So the FIA seems to have got its way in terms of the controversial ‘engine freeze’ proposal.

For those of you who don’t follow the politics of F1 too closely (and I don’t blame you), the FIA want to ban engine development. Teams will have to use the same engines race after race — not for a few races or a full season, but for years, probably until at least 2009.

This is a completely batshit proposal, even by Max Mosley’s standards. Essentially this means that the winner of every World Championship for the forseable future will be a Ferrari or Renault driver. Unsurprisingly, the teams that were most in favour of the engine freeze proposal were Ferrari (and Ferrari arse-lickers Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Midland) and Renault.

How much notice have the engine manufacturers got to make the only engines they’ll be able to use for years to come? Less than two months. The engine freeze will come into effect before the end of this season. What on earth is happening to the sport?

Given that one of F1’s biggest selling points is its image of being at the forefront of technology, the FIA, worryingly, appears to be becoming opposed to any actual innovation. Any teams that try to do something different are told to stop doing it. Look at how BMW were forced to remove their innovative fins, and how Renault have been scared into removing their mass damper system.

In future it seems as though aspiring F1 teams will be able to buy other teams’ chassis on the cheap. What is this? Formula 1 or Scrapheap Challenge?

A common jibe about F1 is that the cars all look the same. But it seems as though the FIA won’t be happy until the cars actually are all the same.

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  1. It won’t be long now that Schumacher and chums will be reduced to racing in Go Carts – the pedal variety.