On the dead trees

At the moment this blog is in something called ‘Blogworld‘ on The Herald‘s website. Apparently it’s a weekly look at what the bloggers have to say, but Google only finds three of them in the history of ever. Dunno if it’s in the print edition but it’s nice anyway. Also making an appearance are Alister and the under-appreciated J. Arthur MacNumpty (who doesn’t even get a proper link to his blog… the swines!).

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  1. We seem to have made The Herald’s Section 2 (all posh newspapers have a Section 2, it’s where they stick their fashionable articles about modern life that don’t quite count as news). And, yes, a link would have been nice, but the free publicity will do just fine.

    Without it, I’d have to travel to Edinburgh and prance around in front of Holyrood dressed as a tomato. Or possibly a lobster. Either way, I’d have ended up with Channel 4 suing me, so this is better.