Test driving meebo me

I’m test driving this new Meebo Me thing from those good people at Meebo. Look! There it is down there, in the sidebar. It looks like one of those awful shoutboxes, but it’s not. It’s an instant messenger on my blog. You can see when I’m online and send me abusive messages in a quicker and more convenient way than ever! The only problem is that I have to keep a browser window open all the time in order to receive them. We’ll see how long that lasts then…


  1. Well – some posts. This one said 1 before I wrote that comment. And the one below says 2 even though there’s 1.

  2. Yeah, that used to happen quite a lot — the most recent post would show as having 1 comment when it had none. I think it happens when I mess around with plugins.

    As for the post below, the 2 figure comes from the 1 comment + 1 pingback.

  3. Ah – I didn’t notice the comment because it appears as white space in my browser when I first load the post. Well done, IE…

  4. […] Web 2.0 is a group hug. The only time I’ve had a conversation using that Meebo Me widget was last night, when somebody from Meebo thanked me for using it — he found my post via Technorati you see. The conversation was pretty much along the lines of: “Thanks for using our widget!” “No, thank you for inventing it!” “No, thank you!” “No, thank you!” etc. Today they’ve posted this on their blog, and now I’ve posted this on my blog! I feel all warm inside. […]