Not just about money II

This Economist article asks why so many economists blog for free when they could be making money.

Like millions of others, economists from circles of academia and public policy spend hours each day writing for nothing. The concept seems at odds with the notion of economists as intellectual instruments trained in the maximisation of utility or profit.

Well when you word it like that, the answer is actually staring you straight in the face: utility. i.e. Econobloggers feel that they are deriving some kind of happiness or other benefit — not necessarily money — from blogging.

I suspect that the reason almost all of us blog — because we feel that we benefit from it, or even simply because we enjoy it. The next pompous media columnist to condescendingly whine about blogging should be reminded of this.

(Via Norman Geras, which is just as well because it’s in the bit at the back which I never reach!)

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  1. In order to make money from blogging, you need to have a really sucky site, because that way people will click the banner ads to go elsewhere, and yup, click revenue lol.