July 2006

New York – Paris – Peckham

BBC News: UK protests over Israeli attacks Peace demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Lebanon are being held across the UK this weekend. … Demonstrations will be held on Saturday in 11 locations, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. … There will also be rallies in Exeter, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield and York. WTF? Back […]

In The Guardian

My post about Top of the Pops has been quoted in The Guardian‘s letters and blogs bit in the technology section.

You don’t hear me saying ‘Yahoo!’

So I can now use MSN sorry, Windows Live Messenger to have a chitty-chat with Yahoo! Messenger users. But I have to add them all first. Why can’t I just associate my MSN account with a Yahoo! ID? Can somebody tell me, is there a reason for this, or are they — MSN, Yahoo!, the […]

Alleged sexy wildman caught in a socialist party

I think I’m glad I’m not an SSP supporter. After a good half a decade of good progress, this past year or so has been disastrous. Now it seems as though they are going down in flames, with an additional little firework display for good measure just in case nobody noticed. When Tommy Sheridan resigned […]

What a load of arse… Shame you can’t ignore it

I hesitate to write about the Mercury Music Prize, seeing as it’s a load of arse. But it is such an important event in the music industry’s calendar that you can’t afford to ignore it. I do hate it though. Witness music journalists clambering all over themselves last year to make out that they had […]

Honda achieves non-F1 land speed non-record

I really don’t like this story: Honda sets F1 land speed record. They’ve been working on this Bonneville400 project for about a year I think. They’ve built an ‘F1’ car designed to reach a high top speed in a straight line — their aim is to reach 400km/h, although they haven’t achieved this yet. But […]

Un-nice television logos

FilmFour is Free, you surely must have noticed. Except that in the middle of the huge campaign to alert us all to the fact that the respected film channel is coming to Freeview, Channel 4 only went and decided to change its name. The new name is Film4. It’s not a huge change, but that […]

Fox News discovers the flower bomb

This political teenager notes Fox News’ new policy of using the term ‘homicide bomber’ in place of ‘suicide bomber’. But surely the term ‘homicide bomber’ is a tautology, unlike ‘suicide bomber’. How many bombers out there are not intending to commit homicide? The term ‘suicide bomber’ actually adds more depth to the description, not that […]

claimID revisited

When I wrote about claimID a couple of weeks ago, Terrell Russell from claimID left a comment: I hope claimID serves you well. Keep linking to yours and we’re betting it will. Search for my name on Google today and my claimID page is result #3. Other links that I included in my claimID page […]