Vox thoughts

I signed up to Six Apart’s funny new blogging / social network service, Vox (thanks to Sarah for the invite!). Is it LiveJournal for grownups? Is it MySpace without the emo kids? We just don’t know.

Here is my page on Vox. I’m not exactly sure that I’ll ever use it, given that I surely have about a dozen blogs of some form or another and I wasn’t exactly itching to get a new one. But, you know, I am a curious guy and I wanted to take a look.

So what do I think of it? It’s certainly pretty solid. It impressed me in a way that, for instance, MySpace and Bebo just didn’t. Infact, MySpace and Bebo both repelled me at first, which Vox hasn’t. And if I were to sit here today making a choice between LiveJournal and Vox, I would probably opt for Vox. But as I have already been using a LiveJournal account for a while now, I’m probably going to stick with that for the time being.

Here is one thing I really like about Vox already. There is also a quaint little feature that really does make Vox feel like a community: ‘Question of the day’. On the front page there is a question which you are encouraged to answer on your blog. You can view my response to today’s question here.

A lot of newcomers to blogging find it really hard to keep thinking of things to write, or even to remember to update their blog in the first place. QotD will probably encourage a lot of people to update their blogs. It might be a bit contrived and whimsical, but QotD would encourage me to post often, and it would also make me feel part of a community.

The Flickr integration is pretty cool. You can associate your Vox account with your Flickr account. From there you can easily insert a photo from Flickr into a blog post. Very nice. But there are a few features on Vox that I don’t quite understand yet. There are options such as ‘audio’, ‘video’ and ‘books’ which I don’t really understand. Are these just to let people know what’s floating your boat at the moment? Seems a tad pointless.

Also, the WYSIWYG post editor is quite annoying. I know that it is probably there because Vox is supposed to be aimed at not-so-tech-savvy people, but is there not a way to turn the WYSIWYG function off? Because I couldn’t find it.

Here is what Currybet thought of Vox.

I also have an invite to give out already. So if you want to take a look at Vox aswell, just let me know in the comments of via email and I’ll send you that invite. 🙂


  1. I’d love an invite to Vox if you’ve got one. Do you have any idea if the questions change as you answer them? For example, if there’s a consistent theme to the questions you answer do you get similar questions?

  2. Whoops! Turns out I don’t have any invites. I was confused by the text on the front page: “Invite friends to Vox! Invite someone now” next to a picture of a ticket with “admit one” written on it would lead you to believe that you have invites. But not yet, so it seems. Don’t worry, you’ll be at the top of the list when I do get invites.

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