I hope the translator was a lip reader

This evening I had a look at Film4’s first free night. Enjoyed Lost in Translation. But oh dear. The first ad break — the entirity of which was bought by Renault — went out in silence. It looked like a lot of effort went into it aswell. I’m sure there was a new advert there, and also a showing of an old-ish one which hasn’t been on for a while. But it was all messed up! They must be furious.


  1. Err, wasn’t silent for me? (I’m on Telewest, which one wouldn’t think would make a difference…)

  2. I read that the adverts were only silent on Freeview. It wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. I don’t know the ins-and-outs of it all, but I think it can be caused by some kind of problem when encoding the signal for DTT transmission.

  3. Yeah, that makes sense in a way, because if they encoded audio in a way tyhat the Freeview (I assume) relay systems didn’t support there’s every chance it’d all get skipped and appear silent. In that case it’d definately be 4’s fault, although it’s a very small technical issue that they could, at least partly, be forgiven for not noting.

  4. Yeah I guess so. I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t notice. Having to monitor output on satellite and cable and Freeview and whatever else all at the same time is obviously not possible.

    I’m just surprised that it happened in the first place though. Channel 4 surely know what they’re doing, and it was a very important ad break. E4 has had a few technical issues aswell recently, so maybe they’re battling against some evil computer system.