Social media meme

Damnit! I’ve been tagged by that Jawbox fellow. So now I’ve got to do this meme, called “5 favourite social media thingybobs”, apparently. So here goes.

  1. — This is the big one for me. Do you have a website that you always check — it’s all done subconsciously, like — when you’re a little bit bored on the internet. is that site for me. I love music. I love pointless graphs. I love pretending I have friends, and I love pretending that other people are interested in what music I’m listening to. is a dream for me.
  2. WordPress — I’m not even sure this counts as social media. But other people seem to be including this on their lists. And I guess at its heart is that most social thing: communicating. Despite my current little problem with it, I do like WordPress. And there is no doubting that I use it an awful lot.
  3. Technorati — Continuing with the blogging theme, Technorati is an indispensible tool for bloggers. It greases the wheels of the blogosphere. Some people don’t like it. Sure, it has its problems. There have been major outages — but how many growing websites don’t have outages? Technorati is important for a blogger because you can see who is linking to you, and you can see what people are saying about what you’ve written. It’s about having a conversation, which is one of the best things about blogging. Technorati also introduced (or at least popularised) the notion of tagging blog posts. I have even discovered a few blogs using the ‘Blog Finder’ feature which seemed a bit rubbish at first. As long as you have the patience to ignore the splogs and the weird Chinese blogs that use English tags, Technorati is very useful indeed.
  4. YouTube — I’m not much of a YouTube user actually, but it is all over the place — just like Flickr a few years ago it sprung from nowhere and ended up everywhere almost overnight. It’s already one of the most important sites on the internet. You can search for all sorts of things and you can often find exactly what you are looking for. Of course, record companies and broadcasters absolutely hate it, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it going down the road of Napster within a year or two. But today, YouTube is one of the best sites around.
  5. — Okay, admittedly I just use it as an extension of my blog. But it is still a social networky website thingamybob and I use it a lot, so there.

I won’t be tagging anybody for this. But you can pick it up if you want.


  1. Doctorvee has also been on the case. Here we go then, in alphabetical order only: 1. Bloglines – I’m relatively new to Bloglines, having previously used only Feedreader (a desktop RSS reader) for my subscriptions. The problem with that though, was that my