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BBC News: UK protests over Israeli attacks

Peace demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Lebanon are being held across the UK this weekend.

Demonstrations will be held on Saturday in 11 locations, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

There will also be rallies in Exeter, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield and York.


Back in 2003 there was an anti-Iraq war protest held in Kirkcaldy. It was organised by the SSP, and Tommy Sheridan was in attendance. Apparently, he was just about the only person in attendance…


  1. There’s one in Exeter too. Not going to go, mind; since the Stoppers hijacekd things it’s too problematic to get involved in such things, but, y’know.

    Small towns can sometimes have committed activists that actually organise. OR just one random nut who’s good at publicity.

  2. ‘Stoppers’… I do hate that word. But sadly, deep down, I think it is accurate, and they are a problematic bunch — especially, ironically enough, if you are against things like the Iraq War etc but just don’t want to be associated with loons like Respect, SSP, etc. I would never attend such a demonstration for that very reason. I would probably end up standing next to some studenty arsehole trying to make me feel guilty for shopping at Tesco.

  3. On the flipside, why do I get the feeling that despite having the title “Yes To Peace, No To Terror: Stand with the People of Israel”, the rally organised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews will be dominated by the “Give the Israeli Government/Military a blank cheque to do what it wants in Lebanon” crowd?