Honda achieves non-F1 land speed non-record

I really don’t like this story: Honda sets F1 land speed record. They’ve been working on this Bonneville400 project for about a year I think. They’ve built an ‘F1’ car designed to reach a high top speed in a straight line — their aim is to reach 400km/h, although they haven’t achieved this yet.

But the thing is, a real F1 car in a real F1 race would never find itself in a situation where it could reach those sorts of speeds. Pure straight line speed isn’t really the point of Formula 1. It isn’t drag racing.

Furthermore, the car isn’t even an F1 car as Honda are trying to make out. For sure, it looks a bit like a Formula 1 car. But in the video explaining the rear wing (actually a fin) on the Bonneville400 website the technical director, Gary Savage, even admits that the car is “not strictly in adherence to Formula 1 rules”. In other words, this isn’t even a Formula 1 car!

If Honda were to show up to a race with this car, they would be disqualified — although Honda know quite a lot about that. The car would also probably be terribly slow on a circuit — otherwise why don’t Honda use the legal bits of this car in a Grand Prix? (Mind you, given their recent results it’s not as if they have anything to lose by doing so!)

So this is not a “Formula 1 land speed record”. All Honda have done is built a car that is vaguely shaped like a Formula 1 car, called it a race-legal F1 car even though it isn’t, and gone a bit quick in it. This is absolutely rubbish. They have actually achieved nothing.

Still, it’s good publicity for Honda, huh? $$$

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