Thanks for your concern, but…

What a lovely day it was today. Not that I saw any of it.

I finally got off my arse and got a job recently. Nothing special of course, just bits and pieces at Woolworths — to give me a reason to get out of bed, to give me something to do as much as anything else.

So I was stuck in there all day, not that I should complain too much because it’s “something to do”. But it was boiling hot. It’s usually bad enough, but this afternoon I was at the kitchen tills which is basically in the middle of the shopping centre and next to a swimming pool. If you’re walking through the shopping centre in that area you can often feel a bit of a hot blast along with that swimming pool smell that makes you want to gag.

Usually it isn’t too bad because you’re just walking through it, but today I was standing there for four hours — listening to the same Sharkira album on repeat. All I could think of was “Sex Farm Woman!” Apparently the Shakira thing is the entertainment department’s fault. Just you wait until I get there, I’ll blow everybody’s minds.

I was going to bring some water up but there were no cups at the water cooler (!). I guess I could have just asked somebody where the cups were, but who can be bothered with that?

Anyway, to add insult to injury there were hardly any customers — very unusual for a Saturday. Where were they all? Outside enjoying the sun of course. Meanwhile, I was indoors drying up.

(Thought-provoking transaction of the day: One person bought two umbrellas. I guess she could have been looking for shade, but really?! Or going somewhere rainy on holiday?)

When I woke up I was actually freezing cold — so cold that I had four or five sneezing fits in the morning, which is about two or three more than normal. Inside the house it was pretty cold, but it was very warm outside. I’m still hot actually. What a contrast from the morning.

Stickers at RantSpace was concerned for me. I thank him for that very much. A fridge would have been nice, but unfortunately I wasn’t doing juice today. A jacket was the last thing on my mind.

I have tomorrow and Monday off. 😀 One of the reasons I never got a job until now (at the age of 20) was because I didn’t want to miss the Formula 1. A Grand Prix is one of the things that I most look forward to. Why sacrifice something you enjoy for the sake of going on a wild goose chase in the stockroom?

But there comes a time where you have to be adult enough to make a compromise. Inevitably, the first question in my job interview was along the lines of, “Why the fsck haven’t you ever had a job before?” Good point, and the longer I left it the more that question would become a barrier to future… whatevers. Anyway, I guess getting tomorrow off is kind of a way of being rewarded for taking that leap. Er, if you believe in fate I guess. Still, pretty cool huh?

Anyway, all of this work nonsense has of course contributed to the declining quantity and quality of blog posts. Sometimes from getting an idea for a post to actually posting it is taking three days or a week! Nasty. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things blogging-wise.

You’ll see I’ve made some changes recently. Mostly tidying up and cosmetic stuff — all self-explanatory really. But asides (mini posts) are back! I decided that both asides and the linklog can exist together in a way, so let’s see how it goes.


  1. As a former Woolworths employee myself, I feel your pain. The staff discount doesn’t sweeten the pill much either, a pitiful 10% in my day. Pah.

  2. I don’t even know when I get my staff discount. I guess you have to wait a certain number of months, but I know that it is either 10% or 20% depending on your length of service…

  3. Six months for your discount card. You are on trial for three months. Then you get that card three months after establishment. Probably come through round about your first pay day after the six months.

    Shakira is doing my head in, but at least she’s not Infernal.