2006 French Grand Prix

Well that was another bore-fest. It did not fit the occasion, which was the 100th anniversary of the first ever Grand Prix (Grand Prix motor racing having been invented in France, of course). I guess we should just count ourselves lucky that it makes the Championship battle look that much closer. It’s not that Michael Schumacher closed the gap on Alonso — he was only able to eat two points out of that lead today. Alonso still has a 17-point advantage.

From Ferrari’s point of view, it was a real shame that Massa wasn’t able to stay in second position. But the mere fact that Ferrari (and Bridgestone) were otherwise so dominant this weekend suggests that Schumi could well continute to nibble away at Alonso’s lead for the rest of the season. Alonso and Renault is still a supremely reliable package — even if their speed has dropped off a bit. But Alonso isn’t perfect and he hasn’t quite been ‘on it’ so much in these past two races.

Other notes from the race: What has happened to Nico Rosberg? He started the season so brightly, but nowadays you are very likely to find him at the back of the pack. Today he finished 14th in a race which only had 16 cars running at the end. Williams in general have totally lost it. 8th in the Constructors Championship is simply awful for a team with such a pedigree. I find it difficult to see how Williams can ever get back up to speed. All you can say is that Benetton were in a similar position about five years ago — now look at them as Renault.

Similarly, Honda are woeful. They started the season as potential race winners. Today they are mingling with the Midlands. Pathetic. They need to get their act together.

Once again Pedro de la Rosa provided some of the only real action on track. It was nice to see him score a couple of points, although it did seem as though he was being held up an awful lot after having a poor start. He is capable of more. Let’s hope he has an opportunity to show it.

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