Top of the Pops was only axed because it was bad

Here is an article trying to explain why Top of the Pops is no longer needed (via DJ Martian). It contains all the usual cheesy stuff about how everybody now watches music on MySpace or whatever rather than the television.

In my view there is still a place for a television programme such as Top of the Pops. The problem with TOTP in recent years was that its latest revamp, spearheaded by early 90s television icon Andi Peters, did look like something striaght out of the early 90s, right down to Fearne Cotton’s clothes. They even reverted to the early 90s theme tune! And that doesn’t get people thinking, “hey, that’s cool!” like with that Led Zeppelin one.

TOTP wasn’t axed because people don’t want to watch music on television. It was axed because it became bad.

Anyway, from that Guardian article, here is some wise guy’s “rescue plan” for TOTP:

Dylan White, director of promotions at Anglo Plugging… has proposed a rescue plan – essentially dividing it in two, with one version for 35-55-year-olds and another for the-under 15s

Er, did that not already exist in the form of TOTP2 and TOTP Saturday?

(Incidentally, here is a post I wrote when TOTP moved to BBC Two a year ago.)

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