Modern Toss is okay

None of these really deserve a post on their own, so I’ll just post them together.

First of all, I watched Modern Toss last night on Channel 4. It got a bit dull towards the end, but a lot of it was very funny. I haven’t enjoyed watching a television progamme so much for a wee while now. It’s good to be seeing something a bit different. It is quite difficult to explain. It feels a little bit like the TV Go Home television programme, but I guess it is more like a comic for television (probably because Modern Toss originally was a cartoon magazine). A bit like Zzzap! except not for small kids.

This is the sort of thing E4 maybe should be doing, but they are too busy showing cheap repeats of repeats of The OC. So Modern Toss has to make do with being on at 11pm on a Tuesday night on Channel 4, with no repeats in sight. If you get a chance, try to catch it next week. This guy likes it aswell.

Yesterday I found quite a good video on YouTube. It’s something that somebody has actually created as opposed to being something ripped off the television.

David Cann is perhaps best known for playing the doctor in the woozy comedy series, Jam. He was a very rude doctor: his advice usually invovled doing something strange with your willy.

Later on he played a doctor in EastEnders. Somebody has taken one of these scenes from EastEnders and applied Jam-style effects to it: fuzzy visuals, time-stretched audio and an ambient soundtrack. Ironically, the rubbishness of YouTube (particularly with the video and audio being out of sync) adds to the effect. Here it is: Eeeeeastenders.

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