Music, beer and some special news from our mum

Brace yourselves. Something interesting happened in Kirkcaldy over the weekend. To celebrate the 1200th birthday of Kirkcaldy’s twin town, Ingolstadt, the Bavarian Music and Beer Festival came to the Beveridge Park!

Whilst I’d like to think that every Langtonian has been counting down the days to Ingolstadt’s tremendous milestone, something tells me that the people were only there for the classy German booze served in cool litre glasses. It didn’t feel all that German to be honest, because I was surrounded by the same old scummy Fifers, although there was an oompah band trying to maintain the pretence.

It was a real novelty though, and the beer was nice. And what a change for the Kirkcaldy scene — Fifers actually having a bit of culture, even if it had to be injected direct from Bavaria. The pubs must have hated it. Everybody was drinking there. Apparently some teachers from our old school who were absolutely steaming inside the tent, although sadly I missed this.

You might not have heard of Ingolstadt — I hadn’t before I found out Kirkcaldy was twinned with it — but I can’t help thinking that they’re being a bit polite by considering themselves to be level in one sense with Kirkcaldy. It is the home of Audi and Frankenstein. And according to Wikipedia it also has far more “sisters” than Kirkcaldy does, including Moscow! Is Kirkcaldy aware that its mum has been sleeping around?


  1. Better than Tennents. You know they drink Tennents in Italy. They even drink Tennents Super in their expensive clothes. They think it is a great imported drink and they look refined drinking it. What can you ever learn about ‘culture’ in your own town? And Ingolstadt is our sister, not our mother. We are perfectly used to our sisters sleeping around. Although they do not normally go so far to do it. As to Ingolsatdt’s famous sons, it was Frakenstein’s monster who was born there, not the doctor. Fraknestin was actually brought up in Geneva. If you had researched further, you would have discovered that this monster of Ingolstadt is actually very similar to us Kirkcaldy boys. He maybe ugly and ‘uncultured’, but he is misunderstood. How could he be any different considering his start in life?

  2. I can’t believe you have a place called Beveridge Park and don’t use it frequently for beer festivals.